Proofreading is the service you need when your text is complete and polished, but you want an extra pair of eyes to check it for typos and grammatical errors.



Copyediting is more in-depth than proofreading. The editor checks for problems with sentence and paragraph organization, word choice, grammar, and formatting. An experienced eye can spot the problems quickly and streamline your prose so that your voice comes alive!

There are three main types of copyediting service:

Basic copyediting

The text doesn’t need too much work. The editor can move through it quickly.

Heavy copyediting

The text needs more intensive work and maybe some rewriting.

Line editing

Line editing is similar to copyediting, only where copyediting focuses on fixing mistakes, line editing focuses on polishing the voice and style.



Developmental (or substantive) editing means taking a book proposal or rough draft and turning it into a finished book or article. It’s an in-depth, time-consuming process to get from that first tangle of ideas to a polished final draft, and developmental editing services will support you each step of the way.



A ghostwriter writes your book for you, but you get all the credit. Sweet!