Do I really need an editor?
If you want your words to speak as clearly, concisely, and powerfully as they can, an editor can help you achieve that goal. Do you want your website to grab customers’ attention, rather than puzzling them with confusing sentences? Do you want your book to communicate your inner experience to readers with verve and sparkle? That’s what editors are here for — to eliminate the barriers between you and your audience.
Is my job too small/large/weird for Lantern?
Probably not! Do you have a book manuscript in progress that requires extensive developmental editing? We can do that. Do you have a one-paragraph email to a glowering aunt that needs to be delicately worded so as not to offend her? We can do that too (and it won’t cost you very much at all).

Some subjects are a little outside Lantern’s range of expertise: we don’t deal with texts in mathematics and the hard sciences, for example. We can, however, handle academic texts at any level in the humanities.

Can I afford editing services?
Hiring a good editor costs money, but the power of well-chosen words is priceless. Once the editing is done, those words are yours to wield.

However, at Lantern Editorial, we know that often our clients need to complete a project on a shoestring budget. We are willing to work with you to provide you with the services you need at a price you can afford. Don’t hesitate to ask if there are any discounts available for your project!

What is the process like?
First, use the contact form or email Christine (christine at lanterneditorial dot com) and send a brief description of your project. Christine will contact you, answer any questions you have, and take a look at your manuscript.

She will then provide a quote for the cost of the work. If it’s a big project, she may also provide a free sample edit of a few pages to a chapter. Once you have agreed on a price, you will receive an agreement to sign and send back via email.

After that, the work will begin. It’s most common to work with Microsoft Word documents using the Track Changes feature, but PDF and hard-copy editing services are also available. You and the editor will consult as needed over the course of the project.

When it’s completed, you will receive two files: one showing the full markup (so that you can see all the changes that have been made) and one final, polished copy.

How long does it take?
That depends on the project. Most smaller projects (anything shorter than a master’s thesis) can be guaranteed a one-week turnaround.

Bigger projects have more of a case-by-case timeline. You may want someone to do a final proofread of your dissertation within two weeks — we can probably manage that. You may want someone to provide personal guidance and support over the course of a year as you take your book from outline to complete draft — we can do that, too.

In a hurry? Rush times are available for an additional fee.

Who will edit my piece?
Christine Neulieb, Lantern Editorial’s founder and owner, handles most projects herself. During especially busy seasons, some projects may be sent to other highly skilled editors. All editors who subcontract for Lantern Editorial are members in good standing of the Editorial Freelancers Association and do work of excellent quality.
Will you write my academic article for me?
No. As an editing company that values the educational process, we adhere to the standards of academic honesty.
Will you write my book for me?
Maybe! We consider (non-academic) ghostwriting projects on a case-by-case basis.
What services do you offer for self-publishing authors?
A number of our services can be helpful to self-publishing authors: copyediting, proofreading, manuscript evaluation, and design & layout services. We especially invite you to take a look at our design & layout page. You’ve worked so hard on your book — it deserves to meet the world looking its best! We use industry-standard design software to make sure each page is laid out with professional polish.
Are you available as a personal writing coach?
Yes! Just send an email to christine at lanterneditorial dot com and tell her a little bit about yourself and your project.