The Legend of Sherlock Holmes

There’s an exciting new project in the works here at Lantern Editorial. I know I’ve been away from this blog for a while; I’ve been busy with this:

Legend of Sherlock Holmes Kickstarter

A graphic designer friend and I are collaborating to produce a beautifully typeset and illustrated paperback collection of Sherlock Holmes stories. That’s our Kickstarter page, at the end of our three-week campaign. We raised almost $7,500 from 183 backers all over the world! That’s enough to cover our printing costs and then some.

There’s more to book design than you might think. A lot of first-time self-publishing authors think they can send a Word document with some basic formatting to a printer and have it come out looking like a book. In fact, typesetting is a much more complicated process! Professional production editors lay out books using Adobe InDesign, the industry-standard software for digital typesetting. InDesign allows total control over every variable in the text: space between letters, skew, gradients, graphics, everything you could need. We started with a jumble of unformatted public-domain text:

Unformatted Text

Now, we’re working with something more like this:

InDesign screenshot

It’s been a thrilling (if immensely time-consuming) project to work on, especially given the outpouring of support from strangers near & far. The world loves Sherlock Holmes! Amanda and I are calling our collaboration “Lanternfish Press.” Website in progress — stay tuned!

We have two goals in mind for the future. First, we hope to offer professional-quality typesetting services to self-publishing authors who otherwise wouldn’t have access to this software. Every book deserves to meet the world looking its best! Second, we’ll be keeping our minds open as to the exciting possibility of bringing out some original titles, in addition to the public-domain editions we have planned for this year. If at any point there’s a call for manuscript submissions…you’ll be the first to know.

After the book goes to press in early February, we’ll keep you posted on its progress!